Product Overview

Developed by a team with 60+ years of experience and expertise in the Gaming Industry. It’s an AI powered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which provides both visual and advanced analytics using Deep Learning and Machine Learning. It is a scalable and robust gaming analytics platform which is easy to integrate with data from various gaming systems. It reduces the process of transforming data to information to action in a matter of days and weeks instead of months.

Get ahead of your Competition
by extracting more value from
your data

Whether you are a Gaming Operator looking to maximize your player lifetime value, reduce player churn and market new products to existing players using cross sell recommendation engine


A Gaming Supplier looking to visualise which one of your games are performing better and how is your business moving towards the future, BizAcuity's Gaming Accelerator has your back

Platform Cloud 1 Platform Cloud 2

Platform on cloud

The platform is developed independent of the cloud provider, it can be deployed on any cloud provider like aws, gcp or azure


The proprietary data model for Gaming Industry makes it unique with more than 200+ variable for dashboard creation

Predictive Analytics

The Analytics engine is complete python based AutoML engine which provides flexibility to build models with high accuracy & precision

Why Accelerator?

360-Degree Business view

AI/ML Driven Insights

Minimal Capital Expenditure

Faster go to market

Low Operational Cost

Pay as you go

Zero Maintenance Overhead

Quick On-Boarding

Easy to use

Cloud based, flexible deployment options

Product Overview

Platform Features

Fully Automated

Fully automated data enrichment, data validation and analytical modelling

‘Plug and Play’ Predictive Models

Segment level as well as customer level predictions

Built-in Domain Knowledge

Pre-defined derivative variables addressing most use-cases, based on decades of experience in gaming industry

Intuitive Design

Self-explanatory navigation, with built-in Drill down capability


Create multiple models with large data volume without impacting performance

Visual Analytics

Enabling Strategic, Tactical and Operational Decision Making

Platform Security

  • Role Based Access

    Data access driven by role/ rule

  • IP Whitelisting

    Accessibility Only From Pre-Defined Friendly Network

  • Secure Cloud Infrastructure

    DDoS Protection and High Availability

  • Usage Audit

    Effective Usage Monitoring

  • No Personal Identifiable Information

    Data Requirements Do Not Include Any PII Data Of Your Customers

  • Data Security

    HTTPS and end-to-end SSL/TLS

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